[1000mg] Cappuccino (HigherFire – Shatter Chocolate Bars) Indica

[1000mg] Cappuccino (HigherFire – Shatter Chocolate Bars) Indica


Savor the unmatched allure of [2000mg] Milk Chocolate (HigherFire – Shatter Chocolate Bars). Every tempting bar boasts a substantial 2000mg of powerful shatter-infused excellence. Meticulously blended with creamy milk chocolate and a dash of invigorating shatter, these chocolate bars offer a truly transcendent experience. Whether your desire is unwinding or indulging in a divine treat, our HigherFire Shatter Chocolate Bars encapsulate both taste and strength. Pamper yourself on a euphoric voyage with each nibble. Seize yours today and ascend your chocolate indulgence to new heights!


Full spectrum made with extract. See also our 2000mg and other chocolate treats listings


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