[1000mg] Mint (HigherFire – Shatter Chocolate Bars) Indica


[1000mg] Mint (HigherFire – Shatter Chocolate Bars) Indica

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Indulge in the irresistible [2000mg] Milk Chocolate (HigherFire – Shatter Chocolate Bars). Each delectable bar contains a generous 2000mg of potent shatter-infused goodness. Crafted with the perfect balance of smooth milk chocolate and the added kick of shatter, these chocolate bars provide a truly elevated experience. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or a delightful treat, our HigherFire Shatter Chocolate Bars deliver both flavor and potency. Treat yourself to a blissful journey with each bite. Grab yours now and elevate your chocolate experience today!

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Full spectrum made with extract. See also our 2000mg and other chocolate treats listings and strains in Indica & Sativa


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